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Energy Consulting

Did you know that on many commercial sites more than 50% of its electricity bill is directly related to refrigeration and air conditioning?

Overwhelming data also suggests that the cost to the end consumer is only set to rise in the future as demand increases.

Designed for small to medium sized companies and groups, ColdArc offers an independent consulting service that assesses its clients sites and offers real money saving strategies.

Your site equipment – the way it is designed, the way it is set up and the way your business operates all contribute to how reliable and cost effective it is.

There has never been a more important time for effective action.

Our options include:

Level 1 Audit

  • Site visit
  • Plant and equipment reporting
  • 1 On 1 Meeting to discuss your site.
  • Implementation proposal including budgets for immediate actioning.

Level 2

  • Equipment retrofitting and long term planning

Contact ColdArc to arrange a site visit and evaluation for your business.

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